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Land Rover Roof Rack - A Guide For Buying

When choosing a roof rack for your Land Rover, there are important things to consider. There are many options but not all of them are compatible with your vehicle. There are limits to think about. We want to lead you through the selection process, so here are the things to look into when shopping for a Land Rover roof rack.

Fit Your Car

There are a lot of rack options for Land Rovers, but we need the following information first to determine which options fit.

  • Year and Model of Your Car
  • It is also important that you know the body type of your car.
  • The track system on your roof.
  • The size of your roof.
  • Check the weight limit stated in the manual. This the limit that pertains to the allowable load capacity your roof and the rack can carry.

After these are identified, you will proceed to look at the options that we will give you. All of the chosen racks for your perusal fit your car perfectly. Make sure that you are certain about the intended loads you want to carry. Your manual also states that you should not exceed the recommended weight limit.


Installing a roof rack onto the roof of your vehicle can be complicated, so you need an expert guidance on that. You might see pre-existing holes on your roof and might also be asking thread compatibility between those holes and the roof rack you will buy.

The usual case for this is that the plastic molding on the tracks is removed first and then the installer will trim the tracks. In many cases, the roof rack comes with its own tracks that will be fitted to the pre-existing tracks that have already been trimmed. Once that is done, the plastic molding will be put around the tracks. All the hardware needed in the installation come with the roof rack package. You may need extra assistance if this is the first youíre installing a roof rack.

Other things to consider

Other points worth checking before purchasing are the following:

  • One important point would be the load capacity. It depends on the purpose. If you are a businessman and you're using the car for carrying heavy equipment, timber or huge ladders, the wise choice is to get a heavy-duty roof rack. For recreational items such as kayaks, skis and bikes, you can go for one with a lower load capacity.
  • You may also consider the width of the items that you will be carrying. If they are quite wide, you need longer bars to conveniently accommodate them.

If you consider shopping with us, do note that we also support Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Citroen and Toyota vehicles and the vehicle type supported would be cars, 4x4 vehicles, caravans and motor homes. Materials for available roof racks include steel and aluminum. We also have roof bars with rain gutters.

Give us a call and we will help you find the most suited racks for your Rover.


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