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Smooth Sailing To The Altar: Wedding Transportation Tips

Every wedding can be perfect. With the right venues, the most delicious meals, the finest wines, the best DJs and sound systems, the ceremony and reception that follows can also be a truly enjoyable occasion for everyone. Its all about planning ahead of time.

Its just as important to take care of the very need that precedes everything else during the wedding: transportation. The last thing youd want to happen is having yourself, your bridesmaids, groomsmen or other guests arrive at the venue late, which wouldnt start off the occasion so well.

Thats why we at Luxury Road Events want to offer our service. We believe that for a wedding to go smoothly, it all starts with a completely reliable and hassle-free ride to the place. That ride shouldnt just provide comfort but class and elegance as well. We have the party buses that will let you arrive like royalty. Inside, youll be able to chill out, calm pre-wedding jitters, bond with your friends and spend quality time with your newlywed spouse later on.

Allow us to assist you in taking care of all the transport-related matters for your big day. Additionally, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure no unforeseen issues may come about at the last minute.

1. Book transportation months ahead of time

Its important to reserve at least six months before the date, which you wouldve finalized at that point together with the party size and sites for your ceremony and reception. Do note the peak period from April to June, which is also the season for prom and graduation events, as more luxury vehicle bookings are made then.

2. Inspect in person before finalizing

Regardless of the companys reputation, its better to stay on the safe side, especially when its about a wedding. We recommend that you show up at the companys headquarters to see the type of vehicle youre booking. Take the time to get information on their drivers backgrounds and qualifications (its a must that theyre licensed and insured). Check whether the company and driver/s have a proven track record.

Look thoroughly over a booking contract before signing, checking on points such as mileage charges or minimum required hours. Doing all these can help detect shady companies that may disappear on the day itself or surprise you with a lemon for a ride. Its good to be slightly paranoid to minimize any risks. (Nevertheless, youll be completely in good hands with Luxury Road Events.)

3. Be free to make special requests

Its your big day! Make it as you (and your significant other) as possible. Get the company to choose the vehicle that suits the theme or style of your wedding. Openly discuss which music player to have on board, which champagne to be stored or what dress code the driver must fellow. Clarify additional costs and make sure everything goes in writing (ideally into the contract youre meant to sign).

4. Allot enough buffer time for every planned trip

Dont let bad traffic divide and conquer your wedding day and everyone involved. Its not a simple task getting people in multiple vehicles to arrive someplace on time. Ask the drivers and passengers to be ready to leave 20-30 minutes before the safe time, making it extra safer. Also be familiar with how much time it takes to get to the venue through different routes, and find out if any big happenings in town may fall on your wedding day.


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