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Selling My Van Privately: Your Guide To Selling Safely

I was told if i had a van to sell, I should try selling my van privately. It's very easy to list a van on a private site. If you decide to sell privately, you'll have complete control over the situation. You'll be able to negotiate the best possible deal for yourself.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of risks associated with selling privately. Many thieves pose as interested buyers. Follow these steps if you want to stay safe while you sell:

1. Don't Provide All The Details Up Front

Sometimes, an interested buyer may press you to give them certain pieces of information, like the VIN number of the vehicle or your own person information. Avoid giving them this information, even if they are insistent. Scam artists often use this information to clone listings and rip off other people.

Instead, tell the person that you will provide them with those details when you meet with them in person. If they are not willing to do that, you can sell to someone else.

2. Never Meet A Buyer Alone

You don't want to be alone when you meet with a buyer. If they try something, you want to make sure that you have people there to back you up.

If possible, try to go in a group of people. Some of the group can stand with you, while others can wait in the car. If something does go wrong, the people in the car will be able to get help. You should also make sure that you meet up in a public area, like a parking lot.

3. Don't Accept Checks

Make sure that a potential seller can pay you with cash or a money order. Don't accept checks; you may wind up getting ripped off.

If a person writes you a bad check, you may not realize it for as much as a week. From there, it may be difficult for you to get the money you are owed. If you only take cash and money orders, you will know you have been paid properly.

If you follow these tips, you'll be able to avoid a lot of the issues that are commonly associated with private selling. You will be able to sell your van in a way that makes sense to you. If you take lots of photos and create a nice listing, you may be able to make a very nice profit.